Po Pimp Do Or Die Lyrics

Yo, all these niggaz out here wanna pimp now, manThey done see Bishop Magic JuanThey done watch Pimps Up, Hoes DownNiggaz wanna ask me, stop me in traffic asking me questions and shitMan, that’s shit!I pimp a bitch into a brick wall, test my gameYou niggaz wanna get gangster, gonna test my aimIf your bitches outta pocket, got yourself to blameCause I’m a motherfucking pimp, Iceberg’s the nameI mack a bitch into a coma with I roll up on herGet my brain up in her my brain, make her hook and love the cornerLot of y’all niggaz claim to kick it, but you’re weak to meSo you chillie ass pimps, don’t even speak to meKnown to be the coldest nigga, Cadillac track mackSmack the fucking whore unconscious if my trap ain’t fatWhoring is from the hip, pimping is from the lipSo nigga grab your dick and chop some fucking game of a bitchAnd stop stopping me in traffic, asking how I do itThe pimp game is in my blood, nigga, thought you knew itYou ain’t cutting like this nigga, let me tell you why!I asked God to let me pimp or let me die!Pimp or dieI knocked fifty whores last week, twenty fell offI pimped hard on the last thirty, twenty went softI left ten down the reign, but only one was trueAnd I still got more bitches than you, Pimp or die!This ain’t no game for lames niggaGrab your bitch, take her off and marry herKid, this game’ll bury yaCall the bitch, hit the track, some pimp took herYou can’t control a girl friend, more less a hookerStop reading Pimp books, square up, get a jobSell dope, steal cars, get a gun, robYou’re just a fan of pimping, and it ain’t all goodYou’re playing a minute you’re goffen, I’m. Tiger woods;Ain’t no fair lane, you want a fair game, play cards babyPimping ain’t easy, but whoring ain’t hardDear God I break a trick, quick for those that knowThe only bitches that I fuck with, are those that whoresI got the brand new Ros’, then throw you the keysI ride Satechi-Ro at thirty two degreesNigga, you duck and run, faggot, I cock and squeezeAnd about the dough I blow, it’s like it grow on treesYou’re talking lay away, I’m talking CortéYou make a bitch your wife, I charge a bitch the dayAnd every whore I know, do what the fuck I sayCause I’m a fucking pimp, nigga, you’re fucking playFirst of, there ain’t no crash course in this gameIn case you didn’t hear me first time, Berg’s the nameBefore you start, you gotta have a cold heart and colder dickAll you wanna do is fuck, you was a straight trickStand on a bitch, break your hand on a bitchGrind for your grip, except no shitGet your gear tight player, learn to act politeGet in the whore’s head, fuck the bitch, you’re after the breadSoothe it out pimp, mack with finesse and shawnAnd pretty soon you’ll have hookers hanging over your armsBut the game is played in dark streets, gators and concreteYour tracks lock is amaze, pimps sleave dazeWhores run away, set you up to dieBut you wanted to live the life cause you did it this flyThe pimp game is the moving target and you ain’t that steadyStay the fuck off the track, pussy you ain’t ready

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