Top 10 games to play on Australia Day – Brisbane Kids

Australia Day is all about sitting back and enjoying the Australian lifestyle, enjoying the spirit of the larrikin and having a bit of fun. Playing some games while waiting for the sausages to cook on the barbie is what it is all about and will keep the festivities alive long into the afternoon and evening.

1. Toss the Thong

You will need chalk or some sort of marker. You can either go the dartboard approach OR go for distance. Warning- Thongs can cause injury! (Thongs are also known as flipflops in other countries of the world)

2. Backyard Cricket

You might need to improvise with your stumps and even your bat, (a baseball bat can substitute a cricket bat) but if you prepare just a little, hopefully, you will be blessed to have a cricket bat and ball on Australia Day. Either way, it’s Australia mate, and it really doesn’t matter either way!

3. Cockroach Races

If you enjoy the thrill you can attempt to catch cockroaches on your own or head along to the Story Bridge Hotel for their annual cockroach racing- they even have box seats. The idea is to have a circle starting point that all the roaches start in and the first to the outside finish line wins. Remember that cockroaches have families too and should be released following the fun.

4. Water Fights/play

Whether you have a pool or just a couple of water pistols or perhaps you have a stash of water balloons. A hot day is always made better with water and even a sprinkler and a game of red rover will keep the heat down and the fun happening!

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5. Beach Frisbee and/or football

You really can’t get more Australian than a frisbee or football on an Australian Beach.. just make sure you slip slop slap (wear suncream) and drink lots of water.

6. A Game of Two Up

Ok… It’s more Anzac Day but its still an iconic Australian game and perfect for when the kids have retired to watch blinky bill for the afternoon.

7. Australia Day Quiz

This can be fun for all ages. Buy some trashy $2 prizes and discuss your answers over some yummy slices of Australian watermelon and some pavlova.

8. Egg and Spoon Races

This is an undervalued game at parties everywhere – trust us on the great entertainment that can be had by watching little and big Brisbane Kids race each other with an egg balance precariously on a teeny tiny spoon.

9. Bite the Arnotts Biscuit into Aussie Shape

This is a fun one for the little kids to nibble their way through an Arnotts milk arrowroot biccie until they think it resembles the shape of Australia. The closest one wins!

10. Best Dressed

Make your Australia Day Celebration into a fancy dress. The person who made the least effort wins..(just don’t tell them until after they have all arrive :D), because being relaxed is what being an Australian is all about

We would love to hear your ideas about Australia Day and what fun your family has- feel free to share in comments.

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